My name is Gustav Ekberg.

My background includes work in development, establishing startups, independent innovation, artistic coding, and technical leadership.

I am a Co-Founder and CTO of Southern Lights, where I am building a dedicated team of developers with a shared passion for hydrogen, system modelling, and data visualization. Together, we are developing a cutting-edge SaaS platform that simplifies the design, simulation, and feasibility assessment of green hydrogen projects.

I have, among other things, worked on Afloat, which I founded with Magoz. Afloat is a service created to reduce the stress and anxiety around economics for freelancers.

Previously, I worked as CTO at Contentor where I rebuilt their infrastructure from the ground up, paying off technical debt and making the company better equipped to navigate a rapidly changing market.

Earlier I founded and built the company Mynewsflash, in an attempt to change the news landscape in the Nordics.

2021 I co-wrote and directed the horror short movie RO, which was shown at multiple international festivals and won an award for best picture.

I am always eager for new experiences, and love to help people with interesting projects.

If you want to get in touch, send me an email or contact me on social media.